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A Civil Approach To Florida Family Law

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Month: May 2021

The basics about the probate process

Here’s the most basic point about probate: people usually try to make sure that their estate will avoid it as much as possible. Why? Well, the probate process can oftentimes be expensive and time-consuming, and likely seems like an unnecessary step to most heirs and...

How to prepare for your divorce mediation

Unless you and your spouse can settle your divorce issues on your own, you’re going to be required to participate in mediation before you can bring your case to court for litigation. This means that you absolutely need to be prepared to negotiate in good faith. That’s...

Who benefits from a high conflict divorce?

Divorce can be a confrontational process. Even when the parties to a Florida divorce are able to effectively communicate and agree on divorce-related issues, they may still have differences of opinion on matters related to the division of their property, the custody...