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Who pays for a high-conflict divorce?

The answer to who pays for a high-conflict divorce is that everyone does. Both divorcing spouses pay in cost, time and acrimony for a high-conflict divorce, which can take longer, drain the divorcing couple’s resources and create even more bad feelings between the...

Can my spouse pay my divorce attorney fees?

One of the hardest decisions married couples may find themselves making is the decision to divorce. Sadly, many Florida residents choose to stay in a bad marriage because divorce is expensive. The divorce process itself involves costs and filing fees, but the biggest...

So-called gray divorces on the rise

Divorce among couples over age 45 has increased over time even as the overall divorce rate has fallen. According to one study, the divorce rate among people between 45 and 54 increased from just over 13 people per 1,000 married people in 1990 to 18 people per married...