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Providing Full-Service Family Law Representation So You Can Move Forward

Last updated on November 19, 2023

Without an experienced attorney’s counsel, family law cases can become lengthy and very expensive. After 32 years of experience, I know how to provide efficient, effective representation. I do not create conflict where none needs to exist. I am, however, willing to be assertive when it is in your best interests. I provide clients with clear information in plain English, and I usually respond to questions the same day because I know how important these matters are to you.

Learn more about the family law services I provide, including:

Divorce planning: Considering divorce? It is often beneficial to speak with a lawyer before filing. I will help you understand your options so that you can make good choices if you decide to move forward with divorce.

Divorce in Florida: The dissolution of a marriage is a life-changing event. I provide experienced, effective guidance through contested and uncontested divorce.

The division of property: Whether you have modest or complex assets, an attorney can ensure that you protect your rights during property division.

Spousal support/alimony – I understand how critical this issue is for both parties. I represent people seeking and contesting spousal support.

Child custody/parenting time: Custody is often the most highly contested issue in a divorce. I know that this is probably causing you considerable stress, and I will strive to help you come to a favorable custody arrangement.

Child support: Child support is the right of the child. It is crucial that children receive adequate support, but it is also important that the payments are manageable for the payor. I represent people on both sides of this issue.

Modifications to existing orders: Sometimes people need to revise custody, child support or spousal support orders. I can help you when there is a substantial change in circumstances after orders are finalized.

Family law mediation: Many Florida counties require mediation for contested family law cases. I am a Florida Supreme Court–certified family law mediator. I can be your mediator or represent you in the process with another mediator facilitating.

Now Is The Time To Begin The Process

You can take the first step today by contacting Russell G. Marlowe, PA, online or by calling 727-490-8877. I offer initial consultations so that you can determine how to move forward. I have offices in Port New Richey and Lutz and represent people from the surrounding areas.


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