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LGBTQ Divorce Is Simply Divorce

Five years have passed since a Supreme Court decision made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states and in other U.S. territories. The breakdown of a marriage relationship, regardless of the genders of the couple, brings out many strong emotions at a time when essential legal and financial matters demand thoughtful and clear resolutions. This is a reason to consult with a divorce lawyer about divorce planning even if an actual divorce is not yet on the way.

Your gay marriage may have no special considerations that make it different from those of a marriage between a male and female. No matter who you are or when your marriage occurred, it is legal in Florida if it is legal anywhere in the United States. Note: Common-law marriages are generally not recognized in Florida. If you were previously in a state where your union was recognized that way, ask an attorney for direction.

Are You Sure About This Divorce? Gain Clarity First.

Many see divorce as a solution to marital strife. However, divorce can also bring up problems involving children, real estate, investments, health care and more. This is true for gay, lesbian and transgender couples just as it is for traditional, heterosexual couples. If you seek legal counsel from my law firm, rest assured that I will never urge you to go through with a divorce before you feel ready.

In fact, I will likely first encourage you to consider alternatives to divorce, such as counseling, a waiting period or perhaps a postnuptial agreement. No matter how you decide to move forward, I will recommend that you think twice before incurring legal bills that may be unnecessary.

Divorce Your Way: Preserve The Dignity Of Each Member Of The Family

Once divorce is in motion, I will advise you to choose methods and paths that will minimize headaches and protect your best interests: your assets, your parent-child relationships and your overall well-being. I offer knowledgeable, caring legal counsel and customized representation.

If mediation is required by the family court in your Florida county, I will guide you efficiently through that process with your priorities clearly in focus.

I will help you address efficiently and thoughtfully key questions about alimony (spousal support), asset division and shared parental responsibilities (custody and visitation) if you have mutual minor children.

Consult With A Lawyer Who Will Explain All Options

I will take the time necessary to help you understand your options and rights in your same-sex divorce. If you leave a message or email me, I typically reply within a day. With offices in New Port Richey and Lutz, I serve throughout Pasco and Hillsborough counties and in surrounding counties. Give me a call 727-490-8877 or send an email message to request an initial consultation at your convenience.

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