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Planning Now Can Save You Time And Money In The Future

Last updated on November 19, 2023

If you think a divorce may be in your future, it’s important to understand how it will affect you financially. If you have children, you also need to know how it will affect your relationship with them and how courts handle issues such as child custody and support.

I have practiced Florida family law in Pasco County and the surrounding area for more than 32 years and have seen almost every circumstance that can an arise when people file for divorce. I also know how judges in Pasco and neighboring counties have ruled in cases with fact patterns similar to yours. As a result, I can let you know what to expect. Speak with me to learn more.

How Does Divorce Planning Help?

It is normal for people to have many questions and concerns when considering divorce. Whether you are the one filing or you think your spouse will file, you need answers. I can help you set realistic goals and expectations about the divorce. No one should spend thousands of dollars in legal fees to pursue a goal that a judge is likely to reject or to which your spouse will never agree.

There are numerous considerations when you are planning to divorce. Getting answers before the divorce is filed can be to your advantage. Some of the things we will discuss include:

This is not a complete list. I know you will have other questions and am happy to discuss them with you.

Preparation Can Make The Process Easier

Planning for divorce can put you in control. Let’s start talking about your plans so that you are prepared to move forward. Please call Russell G. Marlowe, PA, at 727-490-8877 today or reach me online. I have offices in New Port Richey and Lutz.

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