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Protecting Your Future Well-Being With Fair Asset Division

No rational person would spend thousands of dollars to fight over a toaster. Unfortunately, during a divorce many people make decisions based on emotions rather than facts. This can result in a lengthy divorce process, often wasting the assets that they will need to move on with their lives.

At Russell G. Marlowe, PA, I have been helping people divide marital assets thoughtfully for 32 years. As your attorney, my job is to keep you focused on the reality of the situation instead of succumbing to making decisions based on emotion. This helps the divorce process move forward more quickly, saving you time and money.

How Does Property Division Work In Florida?

In Florida, the presumption is approximately a 50-50 division of marital assets minus the marital debts. Assets include property and money accumulated during marriage such as retirement savings, pension plans, vehicles and property, regardless of whose name is on the title or deed.

A lawyer will protect your interests by helping you focus on the most important issues such as:

  • What property is separate (yours to keep) and what is marital?
  • Does separate property include a portion of marital property for contributions made during the marriage? (Often it does. For example, you may use marital funds to remodel a home you owned prior to marriage. The marital contribution is then subject to division.)
  • How much is a business worth?
  • Is a spouse hiding assets?
  • What portion of your retirement savings will you have to share with your ex?
  • How will the marital debts be divided?

It is important to note that property division is not something you can modify after the order is final. This means that it is critical to get it right so you have the assets you need moving forward.

I Have Experience With Modest And Complex Asset Division

Have questions or ready to take action? Speak with me during your initial consultation. I have the experience necessary to guide you through this process, regardless of the complexity of your marital assets. You can contact me online or call 727-490-8877. I serve people from the areas of Port New Richey, Lutz and the surrounding counties.

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