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Getting you through the probate process

Many of our readers in Florida may be unfamiliar with the probate process. In short, it is the legal process of marshaling a person’s assets upon death, and then settling debts, paying taxes and distributing what remains to heirs and beneficiaries. In many cases, the...

The basics about the probate process

Here’s the most basic point about probate: people usually try to make sure that their estate will avoid it as much as possible. Why? Well, the probate process can oftentimes be expensive and time-consuming, and likely seems like an unnecessary step to most heirs and...

Understanding the basics of the probate process

By now our readers in Florida probably understand how important it is to have a comprehensive estate plan in place. For many people, their estate plan will include a will, among a variety of other documents. If an estate plan does include a will, that will is going to...